Intro To Voiceover Class

Kira immediately understood what my voice could sell. She has a great ear for knowing what nuances your read needs and how to re-direct in a way that is helpful and really knowledgeable. I have booked 3 commercials since working with her and have had several callbacks as well as being short listed. Kira gives you an understanding of how the VO industry works and what is to be expected when sending in professional auditions. I cannot say enough great things about her! Thank you, Kira!!!!!” ~ Delilah K.



Dates TBA

No professional equipment needed. Class will be held weekly via Zoom.

If you’ve been interested in the voiceover industry but don’t know where to start, look no further! This 7 week course starts with helping you figure out what your voice “sells” and then moves on to various genres including commercial ads, corporate videos, character voices, and audiobooks. Kira also walks you through the audition editing process (it’s easier than you think!), audition technique and proper studio etiquette once you’ve booked a job. Finally, you will leave class knowing which equipment is needed to get started, what should be on your demo and the steps for getting an agent. If time permits you will also learn the basics of podcasting.

You’ll receive personalized, one on one coaching each week as well as benefit from listening to other students engage with material and coaching. A recording of each session will be provided so students can review their coaching time and be able to hear the distinct changes they have achieved.

This robust course gives you a thorough introduction to the world of voiceover and prepares you for what it takes to succeed!


Kira makes VO accessible to everyone.   No matter your experience level, this class will enrich your toolkit as an actor. From helping you discover what your voice is best suited for, to simplifying the audition process, Kira brings a vast knowledge and wealth of experience to her students. I feel more empowered and educated in my craft because of what I learned in her classes.  – E.A.

Kira’s class was fun, engaging and informative. She is witty, thoughtful and knows her stuff! From learning about your own personal vocal style to equipment and software, the class had a good introduction to what hearing voices is all about. – Jeff G.

Kira really opened up the world of voice over for me. From helping me find my voice’s niche, through the specifics of the various genres of voice over work, the class never failed to be engaging and informative. Her expertise, unfailingly positive attitude, and ability to share the techniques of the craft and specific industry information were spot on. I’m so glad I took her class! – David G.G.