Coaching and Demos


Kira offers private coaching and demo production to students hoping to break into Voiceover. She also works with VO actors who find they aren’t booking regularly to help them get a solid 2-3 takes for any audition they wish to work on.


INTITAL INTAKE SESSION – $100 This session is all about getting started. What does your voice sell? What are your strengths? Which areas will require some growth? From this session we figure out next steps for you and your VO career.

VO COACHING – $75/hr

AUDITION SPECIFIC COACHING – $30 for one audition (roughly 20-30 min)


Kira can also cut a demo for coaching students she feels are ready to work. Demos are recorded in her home studio and then sent to a professional engineer who produces a 60 second demo of the highest quality. If you are not a current student, an initial intake session is required to determine readiness.

DEMO PRICE – $1200 (all inclusive)


Kira is a warm, friendly and direct instructor. I feel like I was given a solid foundation of the voice over world including specific, invaluable feedback about my own voice that will benefit me in more ways than just voice over. Thank you! – Allison P.

The intro to VO class that I took from Kira was my first exposure on any level to the VO industry so I went into it with no expectations or thoughts/ideas about voice-over as a possible second career. Out of the gate, even before the end of the first class, it was so evident that Kira was a true pro and seasoned vet in the VO industry. This was not because of any braggadocious actions or comments, it was because of her ability to explain things on a very basic level and to quickly assess someone’s “commercial” niche. 

From a coaching perspective, Kira is so great at noticing subtle nuances that, when implemented, make a huge difference in how something is (not only) delivered but also heard/received by the “audience”. What’s even more impressive is how quickly Kira is able to spot these subtle nuances, likely saving someone hours and hours of laboring over a recording they’re preparing for an audition. Also, another mark of a great coach is an ability to challenge someone without belittling or embarrassing them and Kira does this so naturally which creates such a comfortable environment in which to work. 

Finally, even if you have no interest at all in VO as a possible source of income, the training, ideas and suggestions that you get from Kira are super helpful in everyday life; it’ll make you more compelling and engaging when interacting with other people in a lot of different scenarios. – Jon B.