Press for Kira

Cry It Out by Molly Smith Metzler

As If Theatre Cry It Out

"Kira’s Adrienne is sharp and hard, but there is a softness below the surface and Kira keeps that down very well in this portrayal...(the cast's) work together feels natural and real. Cry It Out relies heavily on the actors to deliver to make it successful and this group does." - Heilman and Haver

Refugees in the Garden City by Jim Moran (World Premiere)


"No one will ever question Kira Dorrian's remarkable gift for making music out of text, but she is also blessed with a magnetic stage presence and makes intelligent choices with her interpretation of Rhiannon." - The Seattle Star

"Dorrian is tender and emotional in her portrayal and brings love into her role..." - Drama in the Hood

See Bob Run by Daniel MacIvor

“It is a testament to the quality of Dorrian's acting that one never felt the absence of other actors; an hour spent watching one woman onstage, and my attention never wavered… Kira Dorrian has that rare and precious talent of being totally convincing as her character…. In a word, excellent.” - EXTRA! EXTRA!

The Wild Party by Andrew Lippa (UK Premiere)

IMG-1372 (1)

“The young cast perform with attractive skill…Kira Lauren squawks amusingly
as the boxer's doxy…” - The Guardian

“Kira Lauren is a delightfully mindless Mae.” - Time Out, London

Have a Nice Life by Conor Mitchell


“The cast are also first rate and seize their chances, particularly Stefanie Moor as
the brittle Barbara and Kira Dorrian as the accident-prone and unlucky-in-love
Amy.” - The Guardian

“Another notable performance would be that of Kira Dorrian, who is just
gorgeous as the heartbroken Amy.” - IndieLondon

“(The) spirited cast also relish their disaffected roles, with Stefanie Moore and
Kira Dorrian in particular delivering impish performances” - Time Out, London

“Strong voices, especially from Stefanie Moore’s wild-eyed Barbara and Kira
Dorrian's timid Amy, do justice to crisp lyrics.” - The Evening Standard, London

Back of the Throat by Yussef El-Guindi (UK Premiere)


Kira Dorrian morphs adeptly to play all the female leads, a brassy stripper the best of them. - Islington Gazette

Get Away by Greg MacArthur (UK Premiere)


As Garbo and Henry, the impressive Kira Dorrian and Robert Carragher, are a typical teenage couple in love and endearing with it. New Yorker Dorrian, in particular, does a great line in teenage surliness. - The Stage, London

"Kira Dorrian gives a fine performance as the slightly other-worldly but entirely switched-on Garbo." - British Theatre Guide