Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1

Kira Dorrian spent most of her VO career using the name Kira Lauren. This year, after 15 years of marriage, Kira finally agreed to take her husband’s last name professionally. He is rather pleased.

Fun Fact #2

Kira is innately curious (this means she is nosy). On her podcast Raising Adults she is known for saying, “hold on, I have a question!” to her co-host. They are threatening to put this quote on a mug that listeners can purchase.

Fun Fact #3

Kira has twins…and her husband is a twin. Her husband is ten minutes older than his twin sister. Kira’s son is ten minutes older than her daughter. They were due on her husband’s birthday.

Fun Fact #4

Kira is only 4’11 1/2″ tall (the half inch is very, very important).

Fun Fact #5

Whilst working as an actor in London, Kira tired of waiting tables to support herself. She decided to train as a hypnotherapist instead. After moving to Seattle in 2009 she continued to work as a VO and also went on to build a thriving hypnotherapy practice with a focus on childbirth and parenting. She still runs a successful parent coaching business on the side – Future Focused Parenting.